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You loved the election or you hated it read this…..

Just remember 4 years ago Karl Rove was on TV talking about the Republican Party becoming a majority party (how’s that work out for ya Karl?)  and Carville and others where kicking around whether the democratic party had outlived it’s usefulness……So no one out there should get too high on the hog or too low down on suicide watch. Much like death and taxes one of the few certainties is whoever is on top today will be losing tomorrow. Humans are inherently discontented and have a psychological need to blame someone when they perceive things as not going their way.

Politics are much like the Louisiana weather if you don’t like it wait 5 minutes….

four years ago a lot of people on the left were saying things like W should put out a hand to us not run a completely polarized administration and their was this woman I heard on the radio being like ‘….why should we have to put out a hand to them they lost they’re the one that need to get with the program..’ well the reason why is last night….maybe she feels differently now (but more likely she blames voter irregularities or hanging chads or w/e). It’s the same reason why no one on the left should be too high right now b/c in 4 years or 8 years or 12 years….i.e. inevitably there will be another 2004. And if we all take bad attitudes then all that ever happens is rotating political ideologies just take turns kicking each other when they’re down and nothing constructive ever gets accomplished. The only real thing to be done that is not a complete waste of time is to try to compromise and at least get something done 

P.S. – if you voted against the BR bond issue you eff’in suck and I hope you DIAF.

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