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the thing I love about computers is

Bye the Bye my new computer aka ‘the big bad ass’ has arrived!!!

The thing I love about computers is this morning before I left for work I ask the computer to do some things for me and chances are by the time I come home it will have completed those task. That’s pretty freakin sweet [and by freakin sweet, I mean totally awesome]. If the computer would have ask me to do something for it today when I came home chances are I would not have done it (I’m not so good at interpersonal or in this case inter..whatever relationships). 


Holy crap the Dayquil is melting my brain……. 

So have you ever took a ‘mental health” day at work you know where they call you and and say “…it says here you’ve been missing a lot of work lately” and you’re all like “…wouldn’t say I’ve been missin it bob…..” or “I’m sick, sick of work”. So I really should be at home in bed right now but I took a ‘mental health day’ a few weeks ago and now I feel guilty about taking off when I’m actually sick………although this in itself proves that I have ‘mental health’ issues (I know not a shock to anyone that knows me) therefore I no longer feel so guilty. You know it’s Flippin stupid ….it’s funny I cuse all the time but for some reason its hard to type curse works hmmmm sounds like more Freudian issue’s /shots self in the head/…….any way I digress… 

Its flippin stupid, I know if I just did what I was supposed to and always followed the rules never told any lies and never even cut down the cherry tree in the first place, things would be so much better I could be an equal partner to my computer and beyond BUT will I ever do this….the evidence points to no. I will come home in a bitter mood and start to talk to the computer and be all like ‘don’t give me that page not found crap’ and I’ll shake the screen and then it will be like ‘internet explore has had a problem and needs to shut down” and I’m like “I’ll give you something to shut down about you son of a……” 

Well I’m working on a project involving windmills , or at least parts of windmills that need to be moved over bridges, and I seem to have developed something of a man of lamancha complex BUT these windmills aren’t going to move themselves (there not nearly as giving as the computer) so I Guess I should be ‘Engineering’ right now meh……….So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye

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