Never Let it said that the LSNN does not deal with the hard hitting political issues with the most up-to-date, in the know, fair and balanced analysis…….lol…”drill my anwar” thats classic.
Examiner.com As if the current presidential campaign isn’t already dredging repulsive new depths, it looks like the world of X-rated video has entered the sty.

In an update from a story a few weeks ago, Larry Flynt has indeed found his Sarah Palin-look-a-like to star in what could very well be the first skin-flick with ties to an American election.

The one I saw with the guy in the Richard Nixon mask doesn’t count.

Anyway, the notorious Hustler founder and ardent free-speech fighter ran an ad on Craigslist a couple weeks ago seeking a Sarah stand-in for the lead role in an adult feature.

I’m still waaaay bummed that Tina Fey wasn’t available. Damn “30 Rock” shooting schedule.

Not only has the unidentified starlet [Lisa Ann] been secured, but Flynt also told “The Telegraph” that filming had been wrapped. The sex-spoof of the Alaska governor was, well, in the can.

Larry was silent, however, when asked what he had titled [Nailin’ Paylin] his political epic. The blogosphere had already suggested titles such as Northern XXXposure and Ridin’ Pipeline.

Please. If we’re going to infer that the potentially first female vice president is seeking a coveted Adult Video award nomination, at least we can help the marketing folks at Hustler Productions really sell this thing.

Give the Strange News department an assignment and I… I mean we… run with it.

So with apologies to David Letterman, below please find the Top 12 working titles for the Sarah Palin look-a-like porno:

12 – Honey, I Did the Finance Committee
11 – Drill My Anwar
10 – Just Because it’s Bald Doesn’t Mean it’s Endangered
9 – No, Not THAT Inside Passage
8 – Don’t Debate, Masturbate!
7 – Talk Dirty Siberian Yupik to me
6 – Bumpin (ear)Muffs (only if it’s girl-on-girl)
5 – Loggin the Back Country
4 – Is That a Salmon in Your Pants or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
3 – Iditarod and Then I Did a Couple More
2 – Thar She Blows – and We Ain’t Even Whale Watching

And the number one working title for the Palin look-a-like porno:
Let Me Exercise That Big Ol’ Pocket Veto.

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