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And so it begins ………

Udpate: it’s all fun and games till a tree falls on your house (trust me).

*Que jaws music…….

Strap yourselves in for another wild season…

I hope you have been making preparations since the season has already been BLOWING and going a month (pun intended but i wish it wasn’t). I personally have been stockpiling enough internet pr0n to see me through any hardships …DOH!!did I say that out loud….

So anyway might I suggest The Weather Underground (“www.wunderground.com/tropical”) for  all your hurricane obsession needs. I fire tested it during Rita (katrina kind of caught me with my pants down  ) and its the best there is, their main guru Dr. Jeff Masters AKA Da Masta (at least to me) even predicted last week that a topical storm would develop in the the atlantic at the end of this week…….freaky

I know I should not be so excited by this but i kinda got a natural disaster”fetish”. Meh whatcha gona do….

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