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R U freakin kidding me…..

It’s like that Seinfeld where jerry and Elaine try being ‘friends with benefits’ (*taps nose w/ finger*) and it is her birthday and he gets her Cash

(She says)

Cash are you kidding me!!!

The freakin hornets traded their first round draft pick for cash…..CASH WTF is up with that. Now as I have said on several occasion I don’t really follow the NBA so maybe I don’t know how it all works ……BUT…..Cash are you kidding me, isn’t there a salary cap….and everyone should have the money to get up to there cap number each year or they should disband the team. So what the hell good does some cash do for you other that making the owner richer. I mean I realize the 27th pick in the draft is not like to net you someone that is going to make an immediate impact, but in terms of competitive advantage what the hell does cash get you…..as far as I can figure NOTHING!!!! what’s next are we going to trade Chris Paul to the Lakers for a sack of basketballs and cooler of gator aide, or trade David West to the spurs for frequent flyer mileage so the team can travel cheaper. meh…….I guess they are trying to keep things simple….

At least we are not the Angels; they pitched a no hitter and lost. All I have to say about that is BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing else is really going on here except for its hotter that a whore house on nickel night and figures to stay that way, but at least its really humid….badumdum…..I’ve been burning my hurricane stay away candle and so far its been working…..

~Le Singe

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