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weekend in the wide wide world….

The US open [Golf] is this weekend. I like the sort of democratic way in which they let so many amateurs play in the tourney and it is generally considered to be the hardest tournament in the world they set the course up to be brutal. It’s always good to watch professional golfers make shots that you would expect to make yourself. It always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to see a pro that makes millions have a 5 foot putt role 20′ past the hole and down a slope off the green and into the first cut. I generally would not watch golf on TV but I do like to watch the majors (especially US open and the masters); however it is only really exciting on the last day if there are some good names competing. So let’s hope tiger and/or phaggy Phil are still in the running on Sunday. Or at least some interesting ppl like john daily or fuzzy zeller (I don’t think either of these is still playing but you get my point). What we really need in another chi chi Rodriguez, it is kinda weird once you get old you can do things that seem to show great personality and are funny in a laughing with you type of way, but if you did the exact same thing under say 60 it would look ghey, make you look ridiculous, and only be funny in a laughing at you way.

I’m going to make the bold prediction that whoever wins the Basketball game tonight will go onto win the series!

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