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LMAO I love tmz head lines (although subject is no laughing matter)

per tmz:

The Snake to Cops: Schlitz Happens

Seems our good friend Kenny “the snake” Stabler scored his 3rd dWI this weekend. Now 3 DWIs is a lot anyway you slice it, but for a former University of Alabama football star that lives in the state of Alabama to get 3 DWIs is absolutely EPIC!!! I guess the ‘Alabama mafia’ must of had to ‘turn their back’ on the ole snake (if not look for the charges to be dropped and the arresting officers to be fired and later on end up dead in an alley somewhere

KENNY those of us with animal nicknames, and those of us who get DWIs have to stick together. Call me I got something for you….. Man apparently one of ‘the bears’ requirements for playing QB must have been being a drunk (no wonder they won so much). Hey Kenny it could be worse at least you didn’t plant an unwanted kiss on a female interviewer on national TV (ala Broadway Joe). Maybe tricky Nicky should get in touch with RP.

~Le Singe

P.S. – once again tmz restores my faith in the journalism profession, because if there is anyone who actually drinks Schlitz, other than my former self, it’s going to be a guy with a nickname ‘the snake’….

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