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Not so Nice dreams and so many heathens

So this weekend I was in desperate need of some basic provisions (i.e. milk, cookies, hot pockets, and COLD DRANK). This means a trip to Wally world, and although I like Wally world the one by mi casa is always so crowded and I lose my cool and want to punch little kids and ram old people in wheel chairs with my shopping cart. My plan to beat this is to go Sunday morning when the god fearing world is at church so I’ll basically have the place to myself…….NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND…… It was packed no wonder the moral fiber of this country is eroding (note: hyperbolic cynicism for literary effect only) people are worshipping at Wally world. And these kids I can’t punch because they’re heathens and there is no telling how they might retaliate…   but It probably won’t be turn the other cheek (at least that’s not what I would have done when I was a heathen kid).

The whole time all I could think about was this crazy dream I had. I don’t think I dream all that much or at least I don’t remember it if I do, some times I’ll have a crazy dream and I can remember it vividly when I wake up but with in 20 minutes I can not remember it at all, but this one I remembered well. I was at an LSU football game, specifically this years (i.e. coming this fall)  LSU ..Alabama game (I was wearing a shirt that said ‘FAHQ TRICKY NICKY’ which is really random). I was there with my parents and my good friend sammer ‘da hammer’ salman. Before the game I was searching for liquor (which again is somewhat weird since I don’t drink and haven’t for many years), but me and da hammer were searching everywhere for liquor, but we could not find it anywhere so finally da hammer found some but then we needed zipplock bags and while I was looking for them I got lost so then I was looking for liquor again but could not find it every store I would go to they would just be selling out as I walked in and just before I woke up I was in a store and I found some but i dropped the bottle and the way to check out and it broke. It was like one of those dreams where you’re chasing something but you can never quite get there. It was wild I woke up and I was all sweaty and the frustration was visceral (scrabble biatches!!!).

ughhhhh I’m ready for the weekend and have been for a day and a half, considering its Tuesday morning that’s not boding well for the rest of the week….oh bye the bye it was 98 degrees (and I ain’t talking about boy bands) yesterday which is officially hotter than a whore house on nickel night…this does not bode well for the rest of the summer.

HAHA one last thing I got Video camera so coming soon MUAHAHAHAHA….I’m trying to ‘go viral’ so ill have MySpace, facebook, video, and I’m going to start a news letter called ‘monkey business’ . I do have one serious idea and I think I’m going to try to make it work, I’m just not sure that the potential upside justifies the effort (fyi this does not involve video as I have a face made for the print media .

I feel as thought I’ve said too much, kinda like ‘you screwed it up at hello’*tear* till next time

~Le Singe over and out

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