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Savage Swarm indeed!!!

So last night I watched a show on swarms and contrary to my previous beliefs swarms are not to be played with. Locus swarms were so dense that people would see them rolling in and think it was a storms and it was a BIOLOGICAL storm……lol the narrator keep say stuff like that …Biological storm…..Biological disaster…and I was like how bout U STFU asshat. My god I mean if I’m watching girls gone wild, boxing, or baseball anything like that the sound and dialog is really not that important, but for the love of god in a documentary it is kinda important…..I mean was bill kurtis or the guy from NFL films not available or what……. god forbid you splurge and get Leonard Nimoy

Then I watched another show on an even more savage swarm THE THIRD QUARTER OF THE HORNETS GAME!!!!! There is really only one thing to say BEAT DOWN!!!! man in game 4 and in the first half last night the hornets looked tenitive, but after half time they came out and went for the jugular!!!

…why the hell does humbarto even bother trying to guard david west

…Does Timmy D even play defense anymore and he is like a perennial all defensive team guy (I don’t know if this true but someone as important as me can’t be bothered with trivialities like fact checking) just goes to show how rigged those awards are.

…Tyson Chandler is an excellent interior defender (is it just me or does this guy look like he spent the last 10 years in prison?).

It was a Savage Storm indeed!

~Le Singe


Edit: just between you and me the last line should have read “….Savage Swarm…”

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