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Happy Cinco de Mayo & WHO DAT…..

Happy Cinco De Mayo, I’m celebrating with some Queso as we speak….good times…

I was in a pdh class for work today and they told us that May 6th was the number one day of the year for people calling in sick (nationwide).  Hmmmm is that b/c the illegal’s have taken all the jobs…or maybe they are the only ones working

Just kidding I’m very pro immigration all our families came here at some point, and I’m glad no one gave my grandparents coming from Norway the type of crap they give Mexicans today.  This country is built on the fact that the best and brightest from around the globe came here to make a better life for themselves we can’t forget that (except for those dirty Canadians they can all GFO)

Note: The class was a total waste, it was seven hours on how to make a prioritized list…..I did not miss the irony in the fact that it was called ‘managing work time effectively’……..

What’s that you say?

Who Dat ….Who Dat ….say they going to beet dem Hornets. I just got to say I’m so impressed with the toughness and moxie the Hornets are playing with. Lol for the first 7 or whatever years the team was in NOLA I wouldn’t of pissed on them if they were on fire, but now im down like four flat tires….lol I’m bandwagon like a mutha f&ker, but what chu gonna do……Chris Paul is just absolutely sick! Did you see the move he busted out on the last play of the third quarter, he might as well just have tea bagged that dude……And our scruffy foreign white guy is better than your scruffy foreign white dude! Pretty boy kobe better start watching his ass (famous last words but that never stopped me before).

~Le Singe™

….or for today El Mono

P.S. I love that ad where barkley calls d wade who is in philly and d wade is like “chuck when they going to build you a statue” and barkley is like “soon these things take time” and d wade is like “they already got a rocky statue and he’s not even a real person”  guess you had to see it…..

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