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wacky wild world we live in….

wacky wild world we live in….
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Keep it Classy lol…. I wonder what these two are going to be up to in a few years when figuratively ‘the honeymoon is over’ lol cage fighting? A shoot out in the local grocery story? lol time for some “has drinking become a problem” . This needs to be added to that pamphlet ‘you might be an alcoholic if ….’. lol you might be an alcoholic if: you AND your spouse get arrested for kung fu fighting EACH OTHER AND random bystanders ON your WEDDING NIGHT, to the point where they have to call the cops and have you arrested, IN YOUR WEDDING DRESS. Noooice that’s basically all I have to say about that.

EDIT: I found a picture from their wedding

WoW  …looks like all the billions we have spent on homeland security are finally paying off. I mean sure Mr. Maggoo is still able to bust out on a runway of  an airport in a major U.S. city but on the positive side hmmmm well let see……A bunch of republican campaign contributors got huge payoff contracts for there business which definitely make me feel safer. Now if we could just get someone who was in charge of horseshow judges to run things at the pentagon we would be doing good.

Son of a…..  That giant turkey vagina I had painted on my trucks hood is starting to not look like such a good idea…..the man always trying to keep me down.

~Le Singe

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