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The good .. The bad .. and the ugly

Man the hornets are looking good I think they were stirred up by the national media not respecting them going into the playoffs (seems to be a theme for Louisiana sports teams). Chris Paul is the man aka the big bad ass. Watching him is like poetry in motion (perhaps I tend towards hyperbole but it’s and internet blog so roll with it, throw me a frickin bone), especially since he still seems to look to pass as much as score. He should win the MVP even though Kobe is the best player in the NBA and has been for years I say still don’t give it to him b/c he is an a-hole (and he raped a white women and we have to draw the line somewhere…..j/k). HOWEVER OMG those gold unis the hornets where wearing last night are ugly they need to scrap those asap.

It’s funny I refuse to watch even one second of the regular season NBA but I love the playoffs. Man t-mac is seriously dinged up and as usual he is getting NO help from any one over there still that was a good game on Saturday night, but man is Deron Williams one ugly SOB, I mean I’m really in no position to criticize anyone’s appearance, but if your so ugly it takes away from someone’s ability to pay attention to you playing basketball that’s bad, I mean he is a really really good player but man

YOU……GEE……ELL……WHY you ain’t got no alibi you ugly…..

I would think it would be a distraction for the other team giving the jazz an unfair advantage, but Shane Battier almost balance’s him out. And then there is Kirilenko if that guys not a vampire then the sky’s not blue, I guarantee he sleeps in a coffin under the arena.

Am I the only one who finds it funny that the team from Utah has a guy named Brewer and a guy named Boozer? I mean boozer are you kidding me, if I have a daughter it will be her whole purpose in life to marry into that family.

I can’t believe Early Doucet did not go in the first 2 rounds, but whatever I wonder if this means the cards are going to move bolden?

Oh bye the bye many people have been asking about my health problems and how I’m doing so here is an update………

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