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TGIF and …breaking news!

and you know this!!!


Man this week has just dragged on forever sooooo glad its almost over, I keep feeling like im almost getting sick but then the sick never comes.

Meh, I have to cut grass this weekend. I don’t want to for two reasons 1 I just don’t want to typical laziness, and 2 once you cut your grass for the first time in the spring it kinda like a breaking the seal type thing…..

this is lindsey lohans sister….

Supposedly she is 14…ya 14 WTF she looks like she is damn near 35, that is a statutory rape case waiting to happen. I think its one of those wierd family secret things like she is actually lindsey mom. (bye the bye if your wondering what brought this up big brother at work blocks ESPN but not tmz which is fucking stupid, pardon my langue but some situations require the maximum bluntness).

GS = good shit up 25% since we bought in during the bear crisis, some times i go to yahoo finance and just start going “…bumbling stumbling fumbling HE COULD GO…..ALL…..THE…..WAY”  

so have a good weekend and remember …

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