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SCORE!!! I have fulfilled my destiny

SCORE!!! I have fulfilled my destiny
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That’s right this morning I got a lightup, Indiana Jones adventure spoon! From a box of cereal!!! Women want me men want to be me!! On the negative side the day can only go down from here……:

I found this terribly ironic. Actually I found the title ironic, and I found it ironic that the article was not really much about the title. HA HA capitalism wins again and transcends cultural whims. lol it was also ironic that the organizer of one of the events was like I’m not going to be smoking b/c i want the event to be the best it can be. lol so the event is to support smoking weed, but the organizer is not going to smoke b/c that will make things go better and have the event taken more seriously hmmmmmm there’s something not right there…..(note from the editor: he is probably just a huge breaded taco that does not want to get arrested.).

In other news the market is rallying today, I like it I like it a lot….(this statement of course guarantees that it will sell off all the gains and then some by the close, c’est la vie).

Yarrrrrrr!!!!The seas be high says I. I see a career change in my near future; you know, you got to strike while to irons hot!! But really 49 attacks over four months throughout the entire world? Is that really that big of a deal at all….I guess there are most likely a ton of attacks that go unreported. In fact they did not say anything about the Caribbean, but I know that piracy is a problem there; maybe these numbers are only for attacks on commercial shipping.   

Fyi if you read teh blog leave teh kudos or comments, much like Paris Hilton I’m trying to build my banded. And we know that to be successful as a pirate one has to have a highly recognizable brand. One must be known as ‘the dreaded’ or ‘the terrible’ or something like that, so help me out as I purse my new career. Throw me a freakin’ bone here

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