SO a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…….. Your humble narrator was the super villain known on corners as B-illy. Children and imaginary friends used to come up to me and ask where I got the name. Around here obviously there is a big French influence on the culture so, unbeknownst to me at the time, in Cajun areas if a son is name after their father then the word Tee, short for petite, would be put in front of the name. For example if a man john had a son john jr. the son would be called Tee-john.

Like I said at the time I did not know this. So back when I was simply Billy my path happened to cross with an intrepid traveler (he was shacked up with the stripper that live across from where I was living at the time). So as you might imagine this individual was some what of a tool, and he introduced himself to moi as ‘tee-roy’, well seeing that I had already identified this individual as a tool, and not knowing what I know now, I was left to assume that his name was Troy but he wanted to be called T-roy (kind of like A-rod) b/c he was a jackass. So I thought, hey I’m a notorious jackass myself, so I announced to tee-roy and all that would listen “HENCEFORTH THOU SHALL REFER TO ME AS BEE-ILLY, BIATCH!!!” and thus launched the career of one of the most diabolical super villains these parts have ever seen.

So many years later my path crossed with another intrepid traveler from the cultural Mecca that is Rayne, Louisiana (the frog capitol of the world AND the mural capitol of the world, yea!!). This individual referred to one of their ‘people’ as Tee-Dave and I was like WTF, then they explained to whole Tee thing to me and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BUSTED thus ended the notorious ride of Bee-illy. The legend and the man faded and your humble narrator became like the eccentric hermit Ben Kenobi living in the desert of Tatooine who unbeknownst to most was Obi-won Kenobi.

So fast forward several more years to just the other day this popped into my mind and I thought ‘hey wait I’m a jr. (i.e. I have the same name as my dad) so I could be Tee-Bill!!!!’ as the neurons fired in my head somewhere there was spooky music and a flock of birds flew out of a tree or from under a bridge all at the same time making that rhythmic flapping sound. My friends beware a new dawn hath come and a new force rides the super highway, take head Tee-Bill comith (or MR. Treasury if ya nasty)!!

~Le Singe

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