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Foxy Knoxy

Sooo like I said somewhere in my profile I’m addicted to true crime shows and stories. I’ve been that way ever since the whole Derrick Todd Lee thing (serial killer active in the Baton Rouge area circa ’03 and/or ’04 it was a huge deal and gripped the whole area for like a year). So here is a story I’ve been following ….

The Amanda Knox (aka ‘foxy knoxy’) story basically a young American exchange student in Italy living with a British exchange student and two Italians. The British exchange student is brutally murdered; knox, her Italian BF, and another are the prime suspects. I don’t want to break the whole thing down for you so go HERE if you want to know the story. 

 The Three main players in the event are:

 Amanda Knox (AK): see above

Raffaele Sollecito(RS): AK’s Italian BF who is a student I think.

Rudy Guede (RG): random low life, thug, petty criminal, and drug dealer. He is an immigrant for the Ivory Coast.

 So the first thing that is obvious is that the Italian cops are basically like the keystone cops. They keep changing their story ect.

 The second thing I think is that RG is definitely involved. He admits to having seen the murder and says afterward he briefly tried to revive the victim but then fled the scene and when out dancing at a club the rest of the night (Going out club is defiantly the normal natural thing to do after witnessing a brutal murder…..). His DNA and finger prints are all over the crime scene. Add to that the fact that he has been arrested for breaking and entering and was banned from a bar for trying to rob someone at knife point.

 The real question is how the other two are involved. The 48 hours is the first report I’ve seen that seems to think that they were not involved at all. The problem with that is both their stories have changed and neither of them makes sense at all. AK says she can’t remember b/c she smoked a lot of weed on the night in question. Now I don’t drink at all or do any drugs and haven’t for several years, but in my past I’ve smoked plenty of weed and have been as intoxicated on weed as it is possible to be on several occasions and I have never once not remembered what happen, what I was doing, or not known where I was (this is being intoxicated on weed only, throw in alcohol and pills and it’s a different story but she just said weed). This excuse is totally not believable to me. There is also some evidence that someone attempted to clean up a little after the fact, neither of them called the police, and according to police AK told people things that she could not have possibly know if she was not there (but the information that has come out of the police so far has been very unreliable so who knows if there is any truth to this at all).

 The thing that gets me is it just doesn’t seem right that AK of RS would be involved in this type of thing. I can’t see it, I mean they did like to smoke a little sham and were somewhat promiscuous, but it’s a pretty big leap from there to murdering someone you know with a knife. Neither of them had any history of violence AFAIK. But yet their stories don’t seem to add up and RS’s DNA was found at the scene. And most telling of all is that anyone with and ounce of sense who was involved in this but to a lesser degree than actually being involved with the killing would roll as soon as possible it would be by far the smartest thing to do. This has not happened. This personally leads me to conclude that all three must have had a substantial role in what happened. I can’t imagine what lead to all this happening, but it just seems that this is the way it went down.

 The only other reasonable possibility is that RG broke in and robbed, sexually assaulted and killed the victim on his own. To me there is just too much smoke, that there is more than just this, for there not to be a fire.

 What do you think?

 ~Le Singe

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