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Where in I iMuse and iRant (updated)

iMyself got an iPhone this week and its freaking gansta…(if you want to be in my iLittleblackbook send me your vitals)

iMyself went to the apple store and it was like I walked into a Gap commercial…where do they find these people. Since I’m a part owner of apple I’m going to have to get ole Steve-o on the horn and have something done about this.

This week I’m going to have to use the A/c and the heater, It rained and my grass needs cutting and I cannot handle it…..

It looks like the democrats may screw this election up and that will be a feet of historic proportion…..

Looks like it’s going to be another fine season for the lastros.

They now have an apps thing on MySpace….I liked it better when it was call facebook. I tried the Sudoku app (bye the bye I’m hopelessly cracked out on Sudoku) and it totally sucks its really easy puzzles and you can’t make notes.

I saw where one of the prostitution rings that’s been busted in new York let people pay with credit cards…..paper trails make baby Jesus cry…. 

I finally got a new fuse so the horn on my car works… now I can get it inspected!!!!

Why do I always say “my car” when I have a truck.. 

 I got a speeding ticket Friday and it sucked, I think I was a victim of profiling they were pulling over every car on that stretch of road that was driving over the speed limit  BUT they didn’t bust me for my out of date inspection sticker…because….I’m a smooth criminal, and you know this!!

ITs good There was a time (8 and a half years ago) when getting pulled over on a Friday night (or any night really) would have meant problems way beyond the above.

I spent a bill fiddy at wally world this morning, why do i hold on to the idea that buying lots of cleaning supplies and new cool cleaning gadgets will actually motive me to clean  😦

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