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the pod hatches

So I finally got an iPod …. And I’ve recently started this MySpace and I know what you’re thinking, did he just master fire in ’05 and learn to use tools last year…. Yes I realize I’ve been a little behind on the pop culture technology, but….ITS MY BLOG YOU DON’T LIKE IT gtfo….. And actually I used to rock an mp3 player way back when they first came out before there ever was iPod (iirc) so I’m more like retro or maybe neo-classical if you think about it.   

So far I have been very pleased which is a big deal because for a long time I held firm to one of my core beliefs which was that ’apple’ was and elaborate communist plot, and that the only people that used Macs were people who wanted to rebel or academics who were trying to preserve their air of superiority and mystic of the ’ivory tower’. But I have to admit I really like the iPod and apple really did a great job of marketing their product. So much so that I’ve been thinking about getting an iphone and I also have been thinking about a lap top lately and maybe I’ll look at the Ibook or w/e. Obviously I’m a person who deals in extremes, if you know me I’m sure your already well aware of this…but also b/c if your going to flip flop you might as well do it all at once you take less of a rep hit kind a like how companies smooth their earnings for several quarters then when they have a quarter that’s going to be bad anyway they dump it all and then some on it b/c the relative value of a ton of bad news compared to a shit ton of bad news is not that big of a deal. Hmmm now what the hells was I talking about.. 

Oh yeah I think this whole trend is a good thing this really much better for us on the demand side of things and I can’t imagine it’s any worse for the people on the supply side that are actually adding value (I’m sure it sucks for people who make cds or cases or whatever but ..dems da breaks). The really great thing to me is on all but a few really great albums there tends to be 1 to maybe 5 good songs and the rest are just filler crap, now you can just buy the songs you like. This means for the same amount of money you can have a much broader and better musical ’experience’ this is especially good for ppl like your humble narrator who have eclectic taste. 

 Further positives I see are by removing the need for distribution ect. It greatly reduces enter barrier to the business which means a lot more Varity (this is not necessarily good or bad, certain sounds don’t make it for good reason). This will cause the market to become much more efficient which will reduce the overall profit of the music business which will hopefully put and end to the era of music made strictly as and investment class think boy bands and teenpopwhores (like I’ve always said you can take the girl out of Kentwood but you can’t take the Kentwood out of the girl j/k) I see this as a good thing for us poor saps know as the consumer. This desperately needs to happen in the movie business. 

One more thing I’m planning to make a blog on my work in Monroe this weekend. So all of you structureophiles who get all hot and bothered by dirty bridge talk fear not release is on the way. I just keep forgetting to get a copy of the pictures.

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