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Paris’ Conundrum

Ok first off I generally could care less about Paris Hilton, but I do know a thing or two about operating a vehicle while under the influence and I know about problems drinking can cause one and I know way more that anyone one should ever know about drinking/drug problems effecting sibblings so this caught my eye.

So I saw this week where Paris Hiltons younger brother got arrested for DWI. So he calls Paris to bail him out ……..This is the same Paris who got like two DWIs in the past year plus or minus then went to court and when they said she had to go to jail she fought it tooth and nail. Once she found she could not get out of it she trumpeted how she was going to take it like a man and do her time …then she proceeded to do everything short of fake her own death to get out of it, and I’m sure we all remember the silly antics that followed…..

So her brother calls her to bail him out and….get this ….she says NO!! and tells him he needs to ‘learn his lesson’. Now when I heard this I had to rofllmao. I was like unbelievable, what an incredible hypocrite. Later that day I was talking to someone about a related topic and I was about to go on a rant about this situation, but for some reason I checked myself and said nothing. I started to think about it more and you know….

Yeah its hypocritical, but really what is better for her brother ….you know honestly in this instance being the cool older sister and the non hypocrite actually would have been the easy way out. You know I think in this situation what she did was actually the more difficult and less selfish thing to do. Furthermore once again it shows that when I’m ready to rail on someone with all my self-righteous indignation I’m usually wrong. So a tip of the hat to Ms. Hilton and good luck and Godspeed to her family in difficult times.

Anyway I just thought this was interesting considering I’ve been on both sides of situations similar to the above.

P.S. – the fact as told above I just read somewhere (somewhere may even have been a blog) so I don’t know if this is all even true, and it doesn’t really matter it is simply and illustration of the under laying point.

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